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A site specific project that based on the surrounding environment and combine its element into my work. 




'I woke up, in midnight summer wind. Confused as I trampling on my feet. I can feel the heat. I heard a scream from a distance: ’The moon is disintegrating!’ Curious, I looked up; there is a red glowing flames surrounds the surface of the moon as it starts to disintegrate into ashes. A shockwave soon follows. My vision gradually fades... When I woke up again, I felt a paralysing cold; there is darkness, no sign of sun, no sign of moon and no sign of life. I am alone in this world. Earth, covered in ice, frozen beneath my feet as I walk aimlessly in the pitch black night. Soon, exhaustion kicks in, my body grows numb; my strength withers. Lost, like a ghost without its vessel, a entity-less being...'


Lately I have been according some of the dreams that I remembered from when I am sleeping. All of the dreams that I have imagined are a description of surreal apocalyptic events that have taken place in the future.  Although there are only small fractions of detail from what I can remember but sometimes the surreal experience seems so clear almost like a memory. I have written a short pose to describe the narrative inside my dream. For this project, I wanted to try to create this kinds of scene and make it into three dimensional form if possible.




  I went to a field trips in Waterlow Park to take some photos and sketch out drawings for inspirations from different locations that I will use for the current project. I have become aware at the surrounding climate, how the ground is  dampened from the rain and also the windy conditions. I think in order to create a body of work, I will need to be aware of the materials and expect the changes in climate. 






IMG_3106.JPG   IMG_3109.JPG

                                           IMG_3118.JPG .  IMG_3116.JPG


These are 4 selected locations that I choose to use for this project. I was trying to select a location as far off site as possible because I wanted people to experience the feeling of distance compare to other work they look at as a experience of discovering narratives.





AIM (Draft)

For this project, I wanted to draw out inspirations from the apocalyptic dreamscapes that I have imagined inside my dream and transform it into a three dimensional form. Although this idea seems farfetched, in order to make it easier I will be using any collected materials that I could found in the location the widen my possibilities of producing the work. Also earlier on I have already mentioned that I wanted to create a large scale landscape that spreads on a open space field, but I'm concerned about the whether or not it will keep standing because there will be pet and other animals that mind destroy the work if it is not steady enough. In order to prevent this problem, I will have to find a way to install my work safely and fits in the environment.







FullSizeRender 17.jpg.3



Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 11.25.50 pm.png 









To begin with the making process, I started off by collecting materials that is not being used in the workshop. There are enough timbers for me to use and build into a structure, I have enough materials for me to work on this project. The differences in shapes and sizes of each pieces of timber bricks reminded me of Lego I used to build when I was a kid. Therefore without any further intent, I started stack them up one by one to attach them together. Although this may seems to be a easy but preparation for materials can be time consuming. While I was making this work, I sometimes feel like spending more time on cutting wood than physically making the work. Since I wasn't sure what I wanted my model to be, I often need to cut out more wood than I need just in case or save for the next model.







FullSizeRender 14.jpg.2


While I was making this piece of clay model, I was inspired by David Jacob's installation called 'Sound Sculpture'. The work reminded me of a blood pumping organ that makes the material he worked on seems to be alive. I was interested that how he manage to bring a dead object into live by using electricity. Therefore I wanted to try out this idea and by adding in some characteristics that represents like organs of a heart to try to bring my work to 'live'.

 After making this model, I realize that not all of the model I made have to be repeated and similar, I wanted to bring in some different element in some of the design to make each of the work seems different and original. I hope this will bring different variations and different characteristics into the sculpture I'm making almost like giving each individual model a personality.




       FullSizeRender 15.jpg.3     FullSizeRender 17.jpg.2 



 I have started working on making my second part of making the different parts for the body of work. I have already decided not to repeat the similar design therefore I wanted to remake something from the sketches I have been working on.I have also drawn some inspirations from the environment and learn to adapt the material that I discovered. This way of working reminded a lot of people of some of Louis Nevelson's, although this is unintentional but I  think this unrestricted way of working opens many possibilities in my work. The model I made today was using series of simple plastic plates and attach them on top of each other to make this shape.







I wanted to continue experimenting with different materials and how they would look like if I combine my work together. Today I have collected some materials that I wanted to work with, I found some old bicycle protector because I was interested at the shape and the design. After trying out a few composition, I manage to combine this outdated product into part of my work. I really wanted to turn plain, simple into unique and new.






This is a sketch design of the model of what it will be look like once being set up. The model will varies depends on what the end result of the model I have made. I have selected 3 materials (metal grid, sheets, fabric) to try out in the future work for this project.

FullSizeRender 15.jpg.2

 Scan 2018-2-12 12.52.19 2.jpg

This is for setting up and secure the balance of the sculpture that I am working on. I wanted to add 4 nails underneath the platform of the sculpture to attach it in the soil.




Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 11.07.38 pm.png.1


I decided to go through the risk assessment on the work I am making again to make sure if all of this problems have been resolved. My biggest concern for this project is still the climate and the animals that is in the park.






Today we set up our work from our selected location, in order to carry the work, I have to carry three times for me to deliver into my location. During the installation process, there is a problem that have occur. I realized the nails that attached underneath the platform of my work is not strong enough to hold it on the ground. This is because the nails that I found is not long enough and deep enough to secure the structure for my model. Therefore I have to drill holes on 4 sides of each sculpture and attach the ground with tent pegs. From this experience I have learnt to not over rely a specific tool for its convenience when setting up the work. 





















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Today is the first day of the specialist pathway. I have been chosen for the Fine Art 3D course. I am very excited about what I will do in this project. Although always wanted to do 2D, but I think in 3D I get to try and explore more to be more ambitious in my way of work. We started of by introducing the new project called 'Body' by looking at lectures of different artists and their similar approaches towards the relationship of human body. This project also focuses on the space and environment around our working space and use it as a way to interpret our work. 



Gilbert and George: Art = Life

Does art have to be static? 

Can art be temporary or everlasting? 

 Trisha Brown, Floor of the Forest

Suspension of human body, challenges gravity

 Franz West: colleges, tessellation

Social, Anthropology, philosophy 

 Robert Morris, Installation,

A playground for people to interact

The goal for today is experiment with materials and see what ideas and thoughts you can  generate in the process. 



 In the beginning, I was not sure what I wanted to produce. I decided to do some anatomy sketches as a way to brainstorm some thoughts that came into my mind that based on 'Body'. After that, I started to distort the sketch into a disfigured structure. The image below is the result of this experiment, which shows the transition from a figure transform something abstract and unrecognizable.


                           FullSizeRender 17.jpg

 In order to play more with the shapes and get different results, I also tried using clay to interpret different pieces of bones; each of them is separated which allows me to play and construct into different shapes. Unfortunately I do not have enough clays for me today therefore I run out of materials. 

                                       IMG_2407.JPG.1 FullSizeRender 17 copy.jpg




 Today I have learnt that in order to try out mixed media experiment, I have to all the requiring materials at hand. Otherwise there will be many limitations on what I can produce. 



 For more experiment, I wanted to try out expanding foam; which is a material that produce long clay like structure and mold into something to polyethylene (plastic). 



Today I decided to try out using expanding foam for the first time to see what I can produce. I have tried 2 experimentations by playing around with this material and try out different results. For the first experimentation, I started off spraying the expanding foam around a plastic bottle. The expanding foam sort of created into a pillar like structure and mold the water bottle onto the shape while creating a fluid texture.

                                    IMG_2480.jpg  IMG_2442.jpg


From this experiment, I have learnt the characteristic of expanding foam. When I tried to mold the plastic bottle from inside, the expanding foam have gradually enlarge in size and leaked out from the bottle before it solidify.





                                      ZAHA HADID GALLERY 18/11/17

                                  IMG_2412.JPG  IMG_2426.JPG.1


Today I went to Zaha Hadid Gallery to look at one of Dubai architect that is known for using geometrical shapes to create functional buildings for people to accommodate in.  A lot of Zaha Hadid's 3D model have use a lot of geometry to create organic structures as a way to capture the motion of water and rhythm.  



I really like the repetition of all the geometric shapes when they are being layered out, it has a very science fictional approach to it. The contour and spiralling structure reminded me of the characteristics of what a DNA looks like throughout a microscope. 



                                    IMG_2414.JPG.1  IMG_2415.JPG.3

                                                   Aria and Avia Lamps                                           Circus Bench


                                  IMG_2413.JPG.1   IMG_2416.JPG

                                                                                       Nova, United Nude, 2013





                                   NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM 19/11/17

                                     IMG_2445.JPG     FullSizeRender 14.jpg 


Today I went to the Natural History Museum to research on some sources that based on human evolution. I have come across many skeleton structures that shows evidence of how a human gradually evolved apes to who we are right now. I founded it interesting how we as a specie change in body structure by adapting from the environment we live in. 



 The thoughts of human evolution reminded me of a author called Yuval Noah Harari, who is the writer of 'Homo Sapiens'; in the book, he explains that how or why the human evolved into the current state and what makes us superior to other species. Yuval Noah Harari pointed out that the reason why human dominated nowadays society is because of the use of accumulative knowledge from our brain. As humans continue to develop, we replace our physical abilities to more power for brain capacity that allow us collect more information. 






Today I want to try out some simple paper experiments to play around with different structure to help me generate some ideas. I wanted to inc corporate the  distorted sketches of anatomy body that I made while I was experimenting with photo scanners. I selected the whole section of ribcage in the skeleton and cut off the white background and leaving the outline of the skeleton structure. After I cut off the shapes, I decided to bend the paper ribcage into a ‘u’ shape. This subtle transformation sort of distorted the skeleton structure and turned a illustration sketch into a miniature 3D model. 

                               FullSizeRender 16.jpg FullSizeRender 15.jpg


From today’s experiment I have learnt that paper is a great way to manipulate a shape of a structure by using bending, folding and cutting. When it comes to producing detailed patterns like bone structures and DNA, it is much easier to craft compare to using other material because it is light weighted. But there are also limitations, paper sometimes (depends on the quality) can be fragile because of the thickness. 




                                   IMG_2489.JPG  IMG_2492.JPG.1

 Today I wanted to work on the sculpture I have made using expanding foam by stacking the two model that I previously made together. This turns out to be successful




Today, we had a critic about the work we have made for this week and the theme and concept behind the work we have made. I have participated in a small group discussion that talks about what everyone else is doing and what they think about the work I made. Overall, I got a very positive review about my work. Some people believed that my work is trying to portraying the erotic body structure of human.

                                    FullSizeRender 2.jpg.4



 Throughout this critic, I have found a sculptor called Henry Moore that creates distorted figures in black. Although he use wood to carve out of the structure, but the effect that some of his work made it seems like otherworldly. I really like the idea of reinterpreting the characteristics of material by changing the meaning behind the work throughout series of experimentation.  Therefore I think I will try out some different ways of manipulating the model I have currently made.





                                      FullSizeRender 17 copy 2.jpg   FullSizeRender.jpg.16







London Design Museum 


Today I went to the London Design museum to look at some different inventions that has been made in the past and the present; I get to look and compare the difference between some old compare with new contemporary technology together. 

                                  IMG_2511.jpg IMG_2534.JPG 

                                                                             Photos of Design Museum interior


While I was looking at the exhibition, I have come across with a dark circular object that looks have two side plates that allows it to spin around. The shape and the motion of this movement reminded me of a vortex that spins around. Later on, I have learnt that this is actually a chair to sit on while rotating different sides like a yo-yo. In the beginning when I tried to sitting down while rotating the chair at the same time, I was a bit worried I might fell off but as it turns out it is very stable. 



I think this work really pushes the boundary of defining what a chair should be. It shows me that there is no restriction on what a designer or a artist should make. The 'Spun chair' made a piece of furniture into a performing sculpture that can allow public interaction. 


                                 IMG_2535.jpg IMG_2518.jpg.1

                                     Spun Chair in polyethylene by Heatherwick                        3D printer, 2015





                                     FullSizeRender 21.jpg        FullSizeRender 19.jpg

                                                    Surface IX, Ivan Picelj                                       Head III Graham Sutherland


                                                                                         Landscape 715, John Virtue

Today I went to Tate Modern to do some research on different artist that explores human and mechanical structure through their different practices. I have come across a artist called Ivan Picelj who combines graphic, sculpture and architectural design altogether in some of his work. Some of his work have a repetition in form but have no specific way of describing what the work really is. The grid formation sort of reminded me of computer circuit but instead it is colored in black and made out of wood.


I found that Ivan Picelj's work is interesting, although it does not convey a clear message of what it is trying to present but I think this is what makes it stands out. The work 'Surface IX' allows different people to interpret this work in different ways.




Today I went to Kings Cross library to draw out some more inspiration from all the books to further develop the maquette I made on Thursday. I have come across a book about some architectural illustrations called 'Practical Madness' written by Thames and Hudson . I have come across the artist called Piero Fornaseth, who is known for drawing and painting many surreal buildings. 

                       FullSizeRender 17.jpg.1  FullSizeRender 18.jpg



I think Piero Fornasetti's work sort of reminded me of medieval age castles. The tonal illustration really captured the majestic building structure that seems slightly decayed and makes it look like centuries old.






Inspired from Tate modern exhibitions, I have decided to re-transform a common object and reconstruct into a unrecognizable form. For this experiment, I decided to use a wooden stick and chopped into countless small pieces of cubes, after that, I reassemble the structure by randomly stacking all the pieces altogether.


                          FullSizeRender 3.jpg.2IMG_2626.JPGIMG_2625.JPG


With the shape and structure of this piece of work, I have played with a lot of compositions to transform into different shapes. When I was playing with it, it reminds me of playing with LEGO packages because I become so fascinated of assembling and reassembling all the pieces together.





I decided to continue to work on the wooden cube I have been making, this time, I wanted to add colour or textures to create a different effect in my work. I simply added a layer of black spray paint to cover up the original wooden texture. The result of this kind of changed the characteristic and made it look more like a wooden object being scorched from the flame and turned into charcoal.

                  IMG_2639.JPG   IMG_2641.JPG

After testing out black color on the model that I made, I wanted to try out different sprays. The bottom image shows the unearthly metallic effect created when I sprayed a thin layer of silver on top of the black. This once again completely changes the materials I have been working on. This transformation of structure changes the characteristics of a wooden stick and turned it into a series of metal cubes that dematerialise the structure into something that does not belong in this world.



 Today I have learnt to how to reconstruct a object and transform into a unrecognizable form. By creating cubical structure, i manage to revert the meaning of the object completely.



Currently, I am focused on turning ordinary material into a metallic element that once again introduce the idea of turning everything into man made industrialized object. The idea of transforming the characteristics really interests me, I wanted to focus more on manipulating the materials I am using into something different and contradicts its quality. Inspired by the last model I made, I have tried out bending some metal sheets. I bent its shape into a spiraling structure that once again revert the true nature of the material.

                           FullSizeRender 4.jpg.2  IMG_2651.JPG



While I was making the work, I become inspired by its form. I started to sketch out what it will be like if tried to combine all the experiments I have made into one.

                                                 FullSizeRender 5.jpg.2





Today I wanted to play more with some more shapes using thin sheets of metal.  I have created a series of models by bending it with my own hand. Although the shapes may seem to be random, but I feels like there is a sense of rhythm in this organized chaos that I have created. During a normal circumstances, metal is being portrayed as hard and rigidity in structure that is being manufactured in industry. But throughout the manipulation in shapes, I have manage to recreate this characteristics by bringing in some fluent and organic form. This bring forth some sense of movement that makes me think as if it is portraying a life form. 

                          FullSizeRender 22.jpg  FullSizeRender 20.jpg.1






 I have been thinking about combining two of the model I have made earlier on into one piece. I wanted to neutralize the characteristics of wood and metal; two of very different materials and their quality into one.

                   FullSizeRender 26.jpg.1



                            FullSizeRender 29.jpg 


 I have always wanted to try different metal just to experiment what are the result they can bring into making. I have come across a material known as tinfoil, one of the softest metal I can find that is cheap and affordable for my practice. It is just like paper because of the way it can bend and wrap things around.




 This is a quick sketch of idea on what I wanted to make using yesterday's model making technique that I discovered. The idea of this is to combine with the expanding foam made pillar and the current experiment into one. I wanted to suspend the tinfoil structure on to the ceiling making it look as if it is attached to the roof.

                                                   FullSizeRender 30.jpg


 For this sketch, I wanted to present the contrast of organic and geometrical form into one; natural and man made; man and machine. It is demonstrating the way of machine trying to mimic the characteristics of nature throughout rigid construction metal structure that create replicated version of human form.




 Today I focused on producing the model that I wanted to make. I decided not to attach the work from ceiling because it is too fragile and that it might damage the work during the setting up process. Also I think the past model is a little bit distracting the work I am currently working on. Therefore I decided to create a installation space set that is made out of only a large floating tinfoil structure.









Today I wanted to set up the installation by trying different method of suspend it off the ceiling. I used thin pieces of transparent fishing wire to hang up the structure. In order to create the ascending tilt motion for the overall structure, I decided to set up one side of fishing wire longer than the other one to get the leaning effect. Overall, the whole setting up procedure was successful and there are no incident happen. Although it was relatively safe, but the fragile appearance of the tinfoil gives me the impression like it is trying to capture something fragile and delicate that could easily break into pieces.





Today we had our critic about the work we have made for this project. Overall, there are many positive feedbacks about the installation I have made and some constructive criticisms that inspired me to move forward. 


-  Some people suggests that it is a little distracting to set up models behind the installation.

- Could be a architectural space environment

- Portraying metal but demonstrating the delicateness



                                                                      FullSizeRender 27.jpg 

I think this work have many potentials to develop further. It has many architectural element to it; I think there are possibility that this body of work could transform into a functional design.


                                                                       FullSizeRender 28.jpg

This work really captures my attention, I think this body of work really demonstrated the feeling of infection inside the human organs. The visceral representation of the liquid substance reminds me the parasitic cell that create virus inside human body.




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