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Art is a language that allows me to communicates and express emotions that words are incapable of describing. It is a way of self reflection and portraying my own personality. My experiences have paved a pathway which lead me to want to study Fine Art, taking a BA would not only aid me with self exploration as an artist and a person but also widen my knowledge in the culture of art.

Before CSM Foundation, I participated in a programme run by Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney, Australia, this course taught me to measure perspectives of a figure and the basic structure of human anatomy through minimalistic drawings. I became engaged with this practice because of the expressive way of mark making whilst capturing the motion of a human figure.

I took my study of anatomy and reflected it onto my current project; I wanted to explore the characteristics of the human body and the different possibilities of transforming its structure into something unrecognisable. Yuval Noah Harari who is the book author of ‘Homo Deus’ speculate that human will gradually transform into a industrialised entity that is highly intelligent and emotionless. To me the idea of turning a human into a fabricated being is haunting; I become more and more interested in questioning what humans will become in the future and what we will transform into.

Sometimes, an idea simply generates from an imagination but gradually takes its form into reality. Many of my ideas or inspirations sometimes begin with a simple illustration sketch, it allows me to envision and think more in a three dimensional perspective so in order to portray my thoughts, I turned series of skeletons illustration from paper into a structure by bending the shapes to resembles as moving DNA. Later on, I decided to combine the paper made sculpture with expanding foam to represent the human muscle groups because of its organics soft looking structure and cover up black coloured spray onto the uneven, textured surface to create the feeling of dirty and toxic environment that reminded me of futuristic dystopian landscape where everything being industrialised and made by machines.

From Foundation I have learnt to use research to develop ideas to experiment with. For example, to bring forth the idea of dystopia, I looked into some Antony Gormley’s work who uses metal cubes to stack up and construct into a human figure. I wanted to bring in some of the metallic element into my work by creating a transition from soft, organic structure to the hard and rigid looking structure that demonstrates the transition of the evolution concept. During this process, I decided to use wooden stick that I found and deconstruct into countless pieces of cubes and reassemble into a unrecognisable structure. In order to transform the characteristics of the wood, I simply cover up with the colour of aluminium that create a illusion that reverse the element into a industrialised material. After creating the model, I become interested on reconstructing natural material into man made product.

I have not known a world where art does not exist, it is a way of addressing emotions. The idea of dystopia is a symbolisation of my personality and a topic I am interested on investigate in. I want my mind to have constant flow of inspirations and ideas, taking a BA will achieve this goal because I will be tutored by artists and be surrounding by people with the same agenda as me; to create.



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